Nearly everything circles back to your website

I am constantly challenging myself both personally and professionally to make sure that everything links together in my life – that everything has a purpose. If I’m going to put all my effort into something, these days I’m making sure it’s a part of the means to a successful end. And while it’s easy to look inward at ourselves to determine what’s important in our lives, the same could be said for what you should be doing with your marketing mix. Which is why I found it very interesting the other day to read about the top 10 Network TV show’s websites. Of the 10, eight of them were reality shows, with the top honors going to “America’s Most Wanted”. Viewers are clearly engaging in the unscripted aspect of this entertainment genre, and because they want to find that same engaging experience themselves, they visit a program’s website. Chances are, that’s what your customers want from you as well. How engaging are you with your customers? Does your traditional marketing mix of direct mail and advertising encourage your prospects to visit your website for the bigger picture? And when they get there, can your visitors actually find more? People today are yearning for more information. Viewers watch “The Biggest Loser” and want to know how they can apply Bob and Jillian’s routines to their own lives so they look for more info on the website. They watch “America’s Most Wanted” and are driven to get a better look at the criminals in case they recognize a face. “American Idol” fans want to know more about their favorite up-and-coming performers. When visitors come to your website, make sure you give them what they want – whether it’s more information through white papers, views, and opinions in your blog or an easy checkout experience. Create a full circle experience for your customers and you’ll have them coming back for more.

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