Are you “preparing for rain”?

This is one of my favorite quotes and is so relevant right now. We don’t literally prepare for rain all the time. We don’t walk around with our umbrellas, just waiting for it to pour. But because the umbrella isn’t a walking tag-along friend wherever we go, when it does rain, sometimes we get wet. I’m not suggesting that you carry your umbrella all the time, but a little planning during the recession could actually help you grow and prosper. For example, we know the land needs rain to grow. When it doesn’t rain for days, weeks or months, many who use the land for their livelihood may panic. But we all know it will rain eventually. The same holds true for the economy. Planning for the rainy times will keep you away from that panic place, and set the stage for growth when the rain stops. There is a story about the retailer Marshall Field, who would buy during the down times because he could purchase high quality goods at the lowest prices. Then when the economy made a comeback, he could resell those goods at higher prices and make better margins and profits because of what investments he made in the down turn. But this requires planning. So don’t just sit back and wait out the storm. Take some risks that will pay off when the storm is over.

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