Stop selling your products. Start selling your service

Now that I have your attention, I don’t really want you to stop selling your products. I actually want you to add some. But unless they’re from new innovative vendors that can help you build a platform as the ultimate solution provider, give pause before adding new products to your offerings. Instead, turn to the service component of your business. I continually am hearing that those companies that are investing in services will see a strong base of business whereas a partner that sells products alone may have a scary future. It makes sense. More and more companies are reducing staff but still need a resource that can work the network. So now they hire someone to come in two days a week. They hire you, the expert VAR. We’ve seen this happen before in marketing departments as well. Reduce the in-house staff and farm out what is necessary. It’s easier to bring a consultant in and outsource specific tasks versus keeping someone on staff full time who isn’t necessarily busy the entire 40-hour work week. The company may pay more per hour but they’re paying less weekly and getting a higher skill set (that’s you again!). Opportunity is knocking on your door in this down economy. While others are waiting for doomsday, you have business waiting for you on a silver platter. Ramp up the services component of your business and reach out to those who can benefit from them. It’s a win-win – you provide fantastic solutions and gain a new customer, and your new customer continues to receive the necessary support to run their business during the bad times. On the other side, you hopefully have a strong relationship with a new partner.

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