Believe in your gut

A friend of mine was telling me about some preschool drama going on with her daughter. Yes, drama in preschool, go figure. For a number of reasons, she has decided to pull her daughter out of the after-school program. She’s five, after all, so does she really “need” an after-school program? Her gut was telling her that the older kids were probably not the best influence on her young, developing mind and personality. And the little girl fell asleep in the car two minutes after she picked her up. But when she was telling me the story, and how she ebbed and flowed about making this decision, at the end of her grappling, she simply said she had to go with her gut. It’s amazing what instinct can do for you. When you have a tough decision to make about whether or not to add a new product to your mix or to discontinue a service that was successful once but has been waning, listen to your gut. And then act. That’s what great leaders do. They don’t just sit back and wait for the situation to play out. Prolonging the decision can only make it more drawn out and painful – and if you don’t take some sort of action you will never solve the problem at hand. In this troubling economy, those who don’t act will easily fall short.

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