What emails do you save?

I’ve mentioned before that I subscribe to and enjoy getting a number of e-newsletters and email blasts from those companies and vendors to whom I’ve given permission (receiving them without opting-in however is a topic for another time). Some days, I read these emails right away. Other days, when I don’t have as much “reading time,” I let these unread emails sit in my inbox, and I get to them when I can. But because they come from trusted, reputable people and companies whom I know, I definitely want to read them. I just might not have the time right when my computer alerts me that I have new mail. It turns out, I’m not the only one who does this. In a recent study called “Beyond the Click: The Indirect Value of Email,” from Epsilon and ROI Research, 84% of those surveyed said they liked receiving email from companies they registered with, even if they don’t read the emails (because they know when and if they want to read them, they will be there). Another 72% said they review emails from companies they know, even after days or weeks of that email sitting in their in box. Why? Because email messages build brand recognition and loyalty – when they are permission-based. Your customers come to expect an email from you on a certain day of the week. They might even anticipate it coming. So keep your e-newsletters and email blasts relevant and timely. But most importantly, make sure they are permission-based so your customers will continue to have a positive image of your company.

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