Change is good, as long as you present it correctly

I’m working with a reseller right now whose company is at a crossroads. Morale is down, and the company hasn’t seen any real growth in the last four or five years. The new president has great ideas for moving forward, but is very disorganized. As a result, he’s changing things without fully explaining and communicating what he’s doing. The result? A panic among the veterans that what they have known about their world for years is about to change. And for them, they perceive that change as a negative. Why? Change is good right? Change is needed for growth, to spark new ideas, and to drive success. But when change is disorganized and isn’t communicated in a positive way, people sense it. They smell fear. Perhaps you’re going to make subtle or maybe even major changes this year, by either to bringing your company into the present or addressing stagnant growth. Or perhaps to keep things moving in an already positive direction this year you need to make a change. Whatever the reason, communicate the reasons for all your changes. Empower people to become a part of the change and take on leadership roles because you do need their help. Create confidence and, of course, talk about the rewards. The bottom line is you must distill the perception that change is scary. Once you eliminate the fear factor, change is actually very fun.

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