What’s happening today and why does it matter?

I have to admit I’m getting more and more hesitant to turn on NPR in the car, MSNBC on the TV, or even CNN online. Why? Well, frankly, the news is depressing these days. All this doom and gloom talk about the economy that half the time is only part of the story. Some days, I’m convinced that the media is part of the problem, scaring people half to death (but that’s a soap box for another day). Still I tune in to the media on a daily basis because I have to know what’s going on – and so do you: for your customers and their customers. It’s your job as the super VAR to be in the know about the pulse of the consumer world, so you can then provide your customer with the tools, products, and services they need to be successful. As you write your e-newsletters, think about what the subject line should say and how it relates to your customers – and their customers. Keep it timely to show you have your finger on the pulse of the current trends. What new statistics were announced today that are relevant to consumers? Will they affect the way your customers do business? What about the way consumers do business? Pay attention to consumer shopping trends and purchases and then tailor your promotions and offers based on those trends and statistics. Be a valuable resource for your customers so they can serve their consumers. Simply sift out what’s important to you in the news and then perhaps recycle the rest.

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