History predicts the future

Did you know that during the 1970 recession, companies who continued with an aggressive marketing campaign maintained their sales and profits? And the opposite happened for those who cut back in this area, and they struggled with sales. Similar things happened in the ’74-’75 recession. Companies who didn’t make marketing cuts saw higher sales and net income the two years following the recession. Those who actually increased their budgets and added new staff, doubled their market share in 1990-1991. Thinking of cutting back to save a few bucks? History would tell you otherwise. I know it’s hard not to have a knee-jerk reaction when all we hear on the news and from our customers is how bad it is out there. But you have the power fill the glass. You can choose to only fill it half way and hope for the best before you get to that last drop. – or you can fill it to the brim and enjoy it in the long run. I challenge you to look at this recession as a glass half full. You can do great things in a down economy so long as you don’t panic.

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