Just when you were getting on a roll with Web 2.0…

Along comes Web 3.0. OK, so it’s not actually here yet, but folks are buzzing about it and as social networking quickly becomes standard fare in doing business online, then supposedly Web 3.0 is going to pull it all together for us in the next stage of the internet evolution. Thanks to a company called Project10X, for about $3,500, you can actually purchase a 700+ page semantic wave 2008 report that they have put together, created for those who want to understand how semantic technologies are going to present opportunities. They claim that in the next 10 years, “semantic technologies will drive trillion dollar global economic expansions and transform industries…” For some, including a recent editorial in PC Magazine, the jury is still out. There is no doubt that Web 3.0 is on the horizon. Those who are talking buzz about Web 3.0 are speaking about a semantic web, where machines can read web pages just like we can and search engines can troll through websites better than ever before. In some ways, Web 3.0 becomes one big universal database and a machine does the work for you. PC Magazine gives an example about a mother and daughter at a doctor’s office where the mother is advised she should see a specialist. Accessing her Semantic Web agent through her handheld web browser, the daughter plugs in parameters of what she’s looking for. The Semantic Web agent, in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, scours the Web and finds several lists of providers, checks for those in her mom’s insurance plan within a 20-mile radius of her home, and shows only those with excellent ratings. Wow! Talk about bringing it all together. Imagine plugging in your customer’s problem and letting your Semantic Web agent create solution options for you based on your products and services. Think of all the partnerships you could develop based on various customer needs. If it comes to fruition, Web 3.0 will most certainly change the way we do business, let alone the way we live our lives.

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