Partner, Partner, Partner!

¬What are you good at? What is the best thing that you bring to the table for your customers? When people think of you professionally, what is the number one service that comes to their mind? Now what don’t you do well? What services don’t you offer that could make you a more well-rounded solutions provider? Recently, I had a client who used an amazing graphic designer for all of his website development. His website didn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles, but it was a clean, professional site that grabbed your attention and drew you in. If you knew to go look at it. That was the problem. He wasn’t generating enough traffic to the site, let alone results from that traffic, to justify the cost to even have the website to begin with. But knowing he had to have the website, he recognized he had to do something about it. So he talked to his designer, who quickly confirmed that his site needed to be optimized to garner more traffic. But SEO knowledge wasn’t in this designer’s skill set. But wait, this designer was a smart guy and actually partnered with someone who did SEO work exclusively. Together they had developed proprietary software that gave state-of-the-art SEO to websites and guaranteed higher rankings within about three months. The synergy that the designer and SEO expert provided created an amazing package of services for the customer. So I ask you again, what are you good at? Where are you a bit weak and who do you know who can complement your services? Partner with them. Become a team. It immediately broaden your services capabilities, lead to new customers – and provide your customers with the expertise they really need.

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