Words to live by, by Seth Godin

I know, I know. Here she goes again about marketing guru and blogger extraordinaire Seth Godin. Well, when you receive his blog feed in your inbox every morning that includes some amazing insight, you just have to pass it along. The other day he wrote about slack. I immediately thought of a slacker, someone who has a ton of work to do but simply doesn’t do it, and just slacks. He was actually referring to the time people have on their hands these days with nothing to do – whether it’s because you’re in-between customers or service jobs or just simply have more time than work. He suggests doing two things with your slack time – learn something new or garner a following or reputation. Now is the time to jump-start your productivity: do all those proactive things on your To Do list that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time! Remember that class you wanted to take because it would teach you a new way of presenting your service ideas? What about the seminar you wanted to teach at your local university, but again, never had the time. If there is something that’s been on the back burner due to lack of time that will pay off later, get going. Imagine a year from now being the only expert in your field regarding service initiatives. What if you became the VAR whom everyone wanted to deliver a keynote address at their conferences? Think of new ideas now and start building on them. The bottom line is you have to be proactive even when it’s easy to slack. Just think what a year can bring!

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