Any campaign that is not measured fails you

I’m one of those people who don’t measure when I cook. I pour the salt in my hand and throw it in the pot or batter. I’m usually generous with herbs and a bit cautious with spices. Somehow, my sauces are consistent and my cookies are none the worse for lack of a measuring spoon.
But that’s in the kitchen. At work, I measure everything. Every marketing campaign has built-in metrics so that I can see what works and what isn’t measuring up. And it amazes me that in this day where metrics are so thorough and readily available that people don’t make the effort to see what they’re getting for ROI on their marketing.
Far too many times I’ve heard the quotation, “I know half of my marketing works, but I don’t know which half.” To that, I say, “well, you should!” With advanced analytics, you can see who opened your email blast, when, and where they went from there. You can determine the best day and time to send out your email (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning). You can set up a personalized URL or a landing page to track the responses to an offer. And your site analytics can give you microscopic information on traffic, including which search engines are sending the most visitors and the most commonly used keywords.
I admit that I’m lazy when it comes to using a measuring spoon, but when precious marketing dollars are at stake, I count every response, clickthrough, bounce, unsubscribe, query, and lead. And you should, too!

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