Is your stage ready for viewing?

I recall visiting a local community theatre production of “Music Man.” Like many others, the song “76 Trombones” is the classic that I remember from this musical, but little else. I didn’t really remember what the set looked like or where the story took place. It was just that one memorable song that stuck in my head. The same might hold true for your website. How memorable is it? Do people remember your story when they visit or is there just one favorite “song” but not much else that grabs their attention?

Your online presence is critical in today’s economy. Customers are looking for creative ways to do business during this recession and it’s up to you to capture as many of them as you can. Does your website provide all the information that your customers are looking for? How well can customers navigate through your site in order to find that information? As you consider perhaps a redesign (or even your first?) of your website, think about what you want to communicate to your customers and how. Then find a designer who can relate to those ideas. Take the time to find the right designer. Someone who has worked on similar projects to yours, versus website design that promotes a totally different genre, will be to your benefit. Ask the designer what types of websites she’s designed and for whom; research references and look at samples. Then, write a creative brief that outlines what you want to accomplish with your website, page by page. How are you going to measure the return on investment? The more information you give your designer about your goals, the better guidance your designer will have to create what you need right from the start. And don’t be afraid to be involved. Just because you might not know the specifics about the design process, the codes, tags, search engine optimization work, and the layout process that’s involved, it doesn’t mean you can’t assist the web designer to keep her on track to meet your goals and objectives. The results? A memorable website for your customers that’s more than that one-hit wonder.

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