How good is your story?

What do you tell potential customers about you? What is your story anyway? Does it get into the hearts and minds of your audience, or are you constantly pushing and pushing your products instead? Marketing is changing. Some traditional marketing techniques no longer work in this rough and tough economy and changing buyer behaviors. Recent research found that many marketers think the current economic crisis is increasing the expediency to find new ways to push brands across a variety of platforms, not just traditional advertising methods. A study from Verse Group and Jupiter Research showed that “the top three trends marketers see are a shift to non-traditional media, the need to adopt brand stories and a growing use of design for competitive advantage.” So look back to your story. What does it say about you? Will it engage the hearts and minds of your customers? Selling your story and how it relates to your products and services is much more appealing than just selling X, Y, and Z products that anyone can sell. Brand your story. Give it a face and then think about where you can show it.

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