Tweet, tweet, tweet

No, that’s not the sound of birds chirping away because spring is on the horizon. If you haven’t experienced the term yet (yes, Tweet is a Web 2.0 term), someone is following you (or tweeting) on Twitter. The popular microblogging site has seen a 600 percent growth in the past twelve months – 600 percent! I have to be honest that I’m still struggling a bit with the concept of using Twitter as a business and marketing tool. But the facts and stats are proof that more and more business experts are using Twitter as for their marketing and communications. And why not? Five to 10 thousand new accounts are opened daily. Eighty percent of users post a complete bio and the average number of followers per user is 70! Imagine having 70 people (think customers, potential leads, vendors, business partners) following you on a daily basis. Imagine what you could tell them! They’re following you because they believe in you. At some point in your journey, you have given each one of them a nugget, a reason to follow you because they want more. With that kind of captive audience, why types of messages could you send? They want to know what activities you are doing and how those activities can help them to do better in their business. So if you’re trying to figure it all out (like I am), start by becoming a follower yourself and follow some great leaders to grow your own business. Then, as you begin to feel more comfortable, let others follow you – pretty soon you’ll be one of those great leaders being followed yourself.

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