PR and advertising in the “New World.”

A friend of mine wrote an amazing press release the other day about her employee, who was not only scoring high marks and praise with customers, but also within her community. The employee had aligned herself with two charities and was volunteering her time and talent. But she also had become involved in charities that had a logical connection to the company she worked for. So while she was doing great things for the community, she was indirectly creating news for her company at the same time. The press release told her story, it was creatively written, and my client sent it out to the local newspapers. He didn’t receive one phone call about the story. I suggested that he include the story in his next e-newsletter to his customers and vendors, and also to include it in the company’s employee newsletter. “Empower her to write about her story on your company’s blog,” I said. “Let her share her experiences on Facebook and LinkedIn. Allow her to be followed on Twitter.” The results? Website and blog traffic tripled in the two days after the postings and newsletter distribution. Customers began following her story on Twitter. Other employees wanted to know how they could get involved in the community too. There is no question that economic uncertainty is one of the driving factors of why many marketing models are evolving, especially in PR and advertising. Forrester Research predicts that within two years, half of all U.S. newspapers will stop production. The Seattle-Post Intelligencer, which ran its presses for the last time on St. Patrick’s Day, will now have more than 100 “community” bloggers on its website, reporting the local news as it happens in real time. You must stay ahead of your competition – so how are you going to tell your stories?

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