How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?

I have not lost 10 pounds, quit drinking Diet Coke, or added 30 minutes of exercise to my daily routine. How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? I look at the calendar and think that in the nearly 18 weeks since January 1, I should have been able to account for some progress on my list. President Obama has been evaluated by the Nation for the first 100 days in office. How did you think he’d fare? Probably a little better than me. And why? Most likely because he came in to office with a plan – and wrote it down. My three goals at the beginning of this post? That was the first time I actually put them on paper. It is so important to not just think and brainstorm about your goals and plans to achieve them, but to write them down! Statistics show that those who write down their goals and the ways they plan on accomplishing them have a much greater chance of reaching them, versus those who just think about them. With a plan, you can develop ways to reinforce your goals, change tactics and strategies when things don’t quite work the way you want them to, and celebrate the successes at the finish line. You don’t have to wait another seven months to start on January 1 again. Start today. Take five minutes to write down two short-term and two long-term goals. Then write down the four or five steps you’ll take in the next two months to accomplish your short term goals, and how those impact your long range plans. Keep coming back to that piece of paper. Make yourself accountable today for tomorrow’s successes.

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