Do, do, do

Did you listen to the President’s latest news conference about the economic crisis, the dumbfounding antics with AIG, and the next steps to solve the country’s problems? I turned the TV off. I’m tired of hearing how others are going to solve my problems. I’m going to solve my own. Get off your butt and solve yours. If the old way of doing things isn’t working for you, don’t do it. Travel somewhere new – outside your comfort zone – and try something that’s a complete 180° turn from what people would expect of you. Imagine what your customers might think if you surprised them with a free teleclass that would help them sell their services and products. What would happen if you actually “broke up” with five customers who have been ordering from you for years, but whose volume was small while their needs were, well, needy? What would you do with an additional two to three hours a week to be proactive, to learn, to educate yourself on how to be successful, all because you left an unhealthy relationship? I’m not saying you should dump your customers, but you truly need to evaluate everything you do today. What sucks you dry? What depletes your bucket of energy? Take a good look and then get rid of it. Focus on what invigorates you. Dedicate your time to ideas and projects that mean something to you. When you do, chances are you’ll find success around the corner. If you don’t, you’ll just be another whiner.

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