The older you are, the better you tweet

I read a surprising statistic the other day about Twitter – most Twitter users these days are actually at least age 35 and those young adults ages 18-24 only make up 10.6% of the Twitter population in the US. The data, from comScore blogger Sarah Radwanick, suggests that while the younger set is head over heels in love with social networking, microblogging hasn’t quite tickled their fancy yet. I guess I just assumed that despite the fact that Twitter is different than sites like Facebook and MySpace, it was still “lumped in” with the whole social networking craze. But no, it’s actually pretty popular with the “older generation,” specifically with folks from ages 24 to about 54 – perhaps your core demographic and market? For me, this new statistic makes one thing perfectly clear – if you’re not utilizing Twitter or your blog consistently, you are simply getting lapped. Your competition is going to be way ahead of you and you won’t be able to catch up. Spend 15-20 minutes a day following or let yourself be followed. You never know who you might meet.

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