Try it now

If there’s a positive in the recession … it’s a chance for out of the box marketing folks to try new tactics.  What does this mean.Try video – with the growing use of youtube and other video sites, low cost video options are more popular than the expensive agency generated options.  Try it – use The Flip for easy production and posting.  See what happens.

Try a blog.  Keep in mind that to see if this works … it will take time and commitment to post and respond to your community.  Many start blogs with great intensions.  It can take between six to 33 months to get your blog to be effective.   WordPress is a great option to help you get started.   Lots of benefits here – natural search rankings and a direct communication source to the world.

Try Twitter.  The micro-blog where you can share insights and findings in 140-characters or less.  A great option to communicate new product launches, wins, news and special offers.  And get feedback quickly from your community.

Consider linkedin and facebook for community development. 

Be bold – and keep in mind that with these electonic tools – it’s easy to change as you see what works and what doesn’t.

Some ideas:

take your marketing plans that may include email, telemarketing, direct mail, events and add an eBook that you can promote on your blog, twitter, linkedin / facebook, etc.  Use video to showcase products in action or testimonials from your customer base.   Try virtual events and use electronic methods to promote your event. 

Develop an integrated plan to expand your campaigns.  For example: If you are speaking at an event (or attending) post to: blog / twitter / linkedin what’s new / facebook comments; add an email communication or add a story to your eNewsletter; add a video teaser or share a powerpoint.  Repeat at the event – show a clip; share comments; share facts / tips from the meeting; repeat after the event – share additional news or related  information that will be useful for your audience.  If this is an event on leadership – offer eBooks, articles, webinars, blogging sessions or related information for this audience who either attened or wanted to attend the event. 

Here’s an article that reinforces this point:  B2B Article: Metrics, ROI of social media still unclear

The time is now – try something new.  You might find a great new source of leads or element to your marketing mix as the economy recovers. 

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