Time management tweeting

This is what I’m hearing from a lot of you:

“Social networking takes too much time. I don’t have time to log into Twitter and do basically instant messenger.”

“I don’t have time to run and grow my business and do all this social networking.”

“Blogging for 15 minutes a day is fine, but using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is just too much.”

Have you been thinking these things as well? I know you don’t have time, but like squeezing in exercise, you need to make time. If you are going to the gym after work, do you drive 15 minutes home, change your clothes, grab your gym bag and drive 20 minutes to the gym (which is located 5 minutes from your office)? Of course not. You pack your gym bag the night before, leave it in your car during the day, and drive (or better yet, walk) to the nearby gym. You save about 30 minutes and maximize your time constructively. The same goes for social networking and microblogging. You don’t have to log on to four different sites and create four separate posts. You can follow friends and colleagues from one location. Automate your blog posts so they feed to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Maximize your social networking time. Check out add-ons and features like TweetDeck, Twitterfeed and TweetLater to help you organize, schedule, and track ideas and thoughts. Like exercise is healthy for your body, social networking can keep your business healthy. Don’t do it, and you could very well become a blob.

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2 thoughts on “Time management tweeting

  1. Great point Michelle. Most of the people who complain about using social networking tool being too time consuming or to hard really just want an excuse to be lazy. most of them would not blink at using an IM to talk with a client, but the idea of tweeting with hundreds of potential clients is too hard? amazing.

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