Is “text to fan” the new tweet?

Imagine growing your company by 1,382%. That obscene, but that’s what Twitter did when it integrated mobile technology to increase traffic and user involvement to increase its user base from about 500,000 in February 2008 to about seven million a little over a year later. Well, Twitter, Facebook is on to you. According to a recent article on, “marketers are already raving about the ‘text to fan’ feature and its potential impact on brand-following on Facebook.” To drill it down, the new feature will allow anyone to ask someone else to be a fan, even while they are offline – through mobile communications. Mobile users can become a “fan” of a page by texting the name of the page to Facebook’s shortcode, 32665. No one yet knows what the impact will really be as most of the feature is still in beta format, but if it does for Facebook, what it did for Twitter, we might see another off-the-charts growth percentage for another social networking company in the very near future!


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