Learning lessons the hard way

There is no doubt the Domino’s Pizza video that virally spread across the world via YouTube was simply disgusting. So we won’t go there. But it is an excellent example of what the Web can do for you, and TO you – regardless of whether the impact is positive or negative. Let’s face it, everything has become viral these days. I often receive forwarded links from friends that say, “Read this” or “Have you watched this?” It’s the way we communicate in the 21st century and the method of passing along information. So in the case of Domino’s, which quickly garnered bad press for the pizza chain because of the viral affect of the video, how does a company come back from that? What do top top executives and crisis communications leaders do to stop the “virus”?. In Domino’s case, the CEO did his own YouTube video and the company was quick to post on its Twitter account, promoting positive coverage, communicating with its customers, and actually thanking them for their support. They did not defend their 50-year reputation nor dwell on the content of the video; instead, they focused on the two employees and how they were tracked down immediately and arrested. They used numbers, too, pointing out that these two individuals did not represent the company and its brand. The bottom line is, with so much focus on social media these days, you must be in tune and in touch with what customers – and yes, employees – are saying about you and your brand. Set up a Google Alert about your company. Keep tabs on what others are saying about you. Social media is here. You can’t ignore it because if you do, it could very well ruin your brand.

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