Are you still wondering if your customers are online?

I love statistics. And while they can be manipulated, I know, facts and findings are just fun. Take, for instance, the monthly Internet usage data that came out for April from Nielsen Online. If you still don’t think your customers are online, check this out: the average user in April was online 61 times, visited 108 websites, glanced through 2,443 web pages, and stayed on each page about one minute. This tells me a few things:

1. People are online. Period. We might like to think that we haven’t fully succumbed to the digital age but we have.

2. While Intenet users are online, they’re also quick to judge. With users only spending about a minute per page (and sometimes less),  we’d better communicate clearly and concisely, so those customers will stay on our site instead of surfing on to someone else’s.

3. There’s a lot of competition. Countless companies with websites are vying for your customers. You must make sure those buyers find you before they find your competition.

Have you reviewed your website lately?

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