Where do your visitors come from?

Have you ever been to a restaurant or pub where there is a big map of the country (or the world) on the wall? Next to it are colored push pins and a sign that says, “Where are you from?” Chances are, the bulk of push pins are all clustered together right near where the restaurant is located, and then as you move farther out from the center, fewer push pins appear. But they are still there. If you think about those push pins as customers (which they are in a metaphorical sense), then those who make their mark closest to the restaurant probably have very different needs than the ones from farther away. The local customers are probably residents in the area, ending up at the restaurant for a good meal. But most likely, those from farther away are traveling on vacation or business have chosen the eatery for a different reason because they’re not familiar with the area. If you take this same example and then apply it to your website and ask, “Where are you from?” you might see the same type of response. Are customers finding your website directly because they know you and are either an existing customer or from your regional sales market? Or are they entering your site through a Google search because, while they’re not in your geographic radius, you offer products and services that they can’t find close to home? Each customer visiting your site comes for a speciic reason. Your job is to determine how they’re getting to your site and then give them what they came for. An average site visitor to a website takes only about 10-12 seconds to find what they need. Make sure you have at least three key products “above the fold” on your home page. Create a search engine within your site so that your customers don’t have to flip through pages and pages of inventory to find what they need. And finally, during the checkout process, make the experience a simple one. Don’t ask for more information than you really need to complete the transaction. If the entire website experience is a simple one that provides customers with immediate solutions, you’ll have them returning for more again and again.

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