How is your online information really viewed?

I often wonder if we ever really grasp what people think of our websites, and more specifically, the content we put there. We can study the site analytics every which way but Sunday and probably come up with a different perspective each time. But when we create online content for our websites, do we really take the time to consider how our customer or the end user truly processes the information? I would argue that we don’t. Or at least not very often. Rajesh Setty had a fantastic post the other day on Lateral Action that brought home how people really respond to the content provided to them online. Some of it is logical – we don’t want to be viewed as a spammer and ultimately we want our customers to subscribe, buy in, or otherwise engage in something. But the “middle chunk” really divided up how people really take in and then decide what to do with new information. Check it out, then figure out how to adapt your content accordingly.

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