Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone

Recessions are for risk takers. While some sit back in a panic and worry about whether or not their business will survive to see another day, risk takers view a recession as a pool of opportunities. They are glass half-full thinkers. They jump while others shy away from the edge. Are you a risk taker? If not, do you think, for just one day, you could take a chance on something that you might not normally risk? During tough economic times, businesses that buckle are usually the ones who sit back in fear – and wait. Those that thrive take advantage of lower product prices, marketing deals and opportunities, and find ways to connect and create more loyalty with their customers. Even though it can make your stomach do a flip or two, allow yourself to do something uncomfortable. Sign up to be a guest speaker, for free, at a community event. Offer free advice that you might ordinarily charge for. Partner with businesses and customers that might not usually fit in “your mix.” Try something new that has low risk – it’s still taking a risk which could pay off in the long run. Small businesses are at the backbone of our economy. These are challenging times. I challenge you to challenge yourself.

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