Finding strength within

Jeannette Walls took a life half empty and made it full. According to People magazine, she is among writers “who have been able to transform their sad memories into fine art.” Author of the memoir, “The Glass Castle,” Walls struck a chord that could easily be related to our business world today. Growing up in a dysfunctional yet unique family, Walls learned to take care of herself. She was dealt an empty hand but was determined to make it a full house. As a successful writer and journalist, she does just that.

What has this economy dealt you? How are you dealing with it? Are you wallowing in the “Oh I have no money, my business is shrinking” mentality? Or are you saying, “I’m so lucky to have the loyal customers I have and I want to find ways to thank them for that loyalty.” During these tough times, you must dig in your heels, hold your head high and seek out ways to be successful. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay focused on your goals and don’t let yourself be dragged down by negatives in the news or on the street. Find your silver lining, grab hold, and capitalize on this bounty. For inspiration, I suggest you read Walls’ story.

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