When is it time to reinvent yourself?

When your customers say so. Seriously. I’ve been following the demise of the newspaper industry, and as much as I like the feel of newsprint in my fingers with a soda, it’s clear that more and more people are going online to find their news. Thoughts from a recent study from PriceWaterhouseCoopers suggests that unless newspapers truly reinvent themselves, their traditional presses will cease to roll.

We’re already seeing newspapers dabble in their online exposure, either with “local” websites to complement their paper editions or going solely digital. Others are simply cutting and bleeding in order to stay afloat. Ideas from the study say, though, that in order to survive the changes, newspapers, just like the rest of us, must listen to their customers and reinvent themselves to meet what their customers want. Have you listened to your customers lately? Are you meeting their current needs or simply doing what you’ve always done, because those methods worked in the past? We’re in a different economy, with technology that changes from week to week. You can’t alow yourself to be mired in the past because the present will pass you by.

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