What motivates you?

Monet painted the sky blue today. Temperatures hovered around 70 degrees, and I fiddled away my day. I absolutely could not find focus. I changed work locations numerous times, hoping something would inspire me to dig in my heels and bang out a few projects. Nothing. I even took a bit of a cat-nap in hopes the short breaks would “refresh” me. Nothing. But yet now, later at night, when it’s dark outside, I’m cranking, motivated to move some things off my plate and get some things done.

What really motivates you? And is it the same thing all the time? Some people are motivated by money or perhaps the financial security that comes with having money. Others are jump-started by praise and recognition. Still others can only move forward and do great things when they truly feel fulfilled by the work they do. Perhaps it’s a setting or a mood that inspires you. It’s essential that you’re aware of your personal “stimulus package” so you can give yourself a little push when you’re running out of inspiration.

When do you do your best work? Your best thinking? Late at night or early in the morning? In the car? With a group of colleagues? Alone? It really doesn’t matter what it is that lights your fire. Was does matter is figuring it out. Because when you do, the flood gates to creativity will begin to flow fast and furious.

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