Reinventing Work

Independence Day!  Celebrate – set your mind free – Chart a new course!

Tom Peters is incredible.   He changed the game with “In Search of Excellence” and “Reimagine”.  

This is a direct except from Tom Peters “Reinventing Work: The Project 50” book – back jacket text. 

The Work Matters!


Cubicle Slaves … Hack Off Your Ties … Flip Off Your Heels …

The work can be cool!

The work can be beautiful!

The work can be fun!

The work can make a difference!

Y-O-U can make a difference!

Bash your cublicle walls!

Rip up your Dilbert cartoons!

The white collar revolution is on!

90% of our jobs are in jeopardy!

Take charge of your life!

Subvert the Hierarchy!

Make Every Project a WOW!

Be Distinct … or Extinct!

It’s a new Millennium: If not now … W-H-E-N?


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