“Optimism, boldness and creative thinking”

That’s what it takes to succeed in today’s crazy economic world, according to the winners in this year’s “Top Agencies Special Report”, as noted in a recent BtoB Magazine article. I’ve blogged about this concept before, but clearly, if you can be proactive and come up with creative programs and solutions for your customers, they will thrive and in turn, you will, too. Look at a campaign that farming equipment mogul John Deere put together. Called “The Ultimate Ski Steer Smackdown,” the campaign combined live events, a microsite, videos, and social media to connect with the construction market in order to promote a new front-loader. There was no “traditional” marketing here. Their marketing agency created a campaign for John Deere (its client) in order to meet John Deere’s specific needs.

As a solution provider, it’s your job to think positively with your customers and come up with bold new ways to help them sell products and services to their customers. Doing “business to business” no longer works: It’s person to person. Get human. Dive into the psyche of your customers and learn what makes them tick – and perhaps what could make them snap. For many of you, this might mean stepping outside your comfort zone a bit in order to be “bold.” But in today’s economy, you just may need to feel uncomfortable for awhile in order to be successful.

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