Use Play-Doh to build your marketing plan

Everyone loves to play with Play-Doh right? Soft and mushy right out of the can, it’s still in its original form. There are no dents in the sides, and it hasn’t been squished — yet. You can shape Play-Doh and mold it into anything you want. You can cut it in half and make two pieces of art. You can bend it, use other tools to make shapes, and mix different colors together for an even more creative effect. Once you’ve shaped it with your hands, Play-Doh is changed forever. The clay can go back into the can, but it will never go back in the way it originally was. And if you keep it out of the can, you have to keep kneading it and working with it, otherwise your fantastic piece of art will dry out, crack, and crumble. Well, what if you thought of your marketing plan as a big piece of virgin Play-Doh? How can you shape and mold your marketing ideas, using tools and creativity to not just build but to reshape and continue to mold it into something that is a work of art? Just like Play-Doh, your marketing plan is a work in progress that needs shaping and constant touch – otherwise it will fall apart.

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