Ready, Aim, Fire

Not Ready, Fire, Aim. This is what a colleague wrote the other day in describing the round and round discussions of a board that he belonged to. The board, he said, was at a crossroads – needing to define what the organization’s purpose was today versus in the past and how it is quickly evolving based on economic times and changes in the industry. The problem was, this email thread of discussion was painfully emotional and was reiterating concerns and ideas that had been discussed ad nauseum for the past three years! Discuss first, then decide. But what this board wasn’t realizing was that it was discussing too much, and not making any decisions. The issues were the same, but no one was stepping to the plate to implement steps to generate results. What’s your discussion volume these days with your team? Are you “brainstorming” over and over again but not putting a plan into place to take action? Are emotions getting in the way of clear, measurable tactics that will move your business forward with positive ROI? Stop talking. Start doing. If you don’t do something, you might waste another three years.

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