Do what you do well. Get help for the rest.

Nothing irritates me more than business people who think they can do it all. Ultimately, what typically happens is they fail. But not before wasting thousands of (or more) dollars, plus people’s time and resources. They not only take down their world, but they drag others down with them. For instance, I have a friend who is a fantastic communicator. She builds relationships with ease, corresponds using both voice and the written word, and has a wonderful following. All her brilliance ends with her checkbook, however. She cannot balance it. Now I know this is a classic case of left brain versus right brain, but we need to listen to what’s going on in our brains! Why would you attempt to do something that clearly falls outside your skill set when there are others on your team who can successfully complete the task at hand with far less toil? Great leaders know what they do well. They are in tune to their strengths – and their weak spots. Then they continue to capitalize on their successes, and find others to complement them in the areas where they are lacking – for 100% success. My friend doesn’t balance her checkbook. Instead she takes her customers out to lunch and hands her receipts to her company’s controller. It just makes better business sense from a dollars and cents perspective.

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