Why telling your story is important in a recession.

Everyone loves to hear a good story, right? The other day Chris Brogan had an excellent tweet with a link to a recent article in Business Week, reinforcing why PR is so important during a recession. After all, marketers are trying to be resourceful with their budgets, rethinking and creating different ways to get their message – which is their story – out to their customers. Traditional advertising can be pricey, but a simple, storytelling PR plan can be short on dollars and big on exposure – if done correctly. A few tips in “selling your story:”

–          Think like a reporter. Don’t try to shove your promotions and products down their throats. They get enough press releases and phone calls with people pitching products. Remember, especially with newspaper reporters, times are tough in the media world. Reporters want stories that make people feel good, but that are unique and compelling. Give the reporter was she wants.

–          What’s the story’s benefit? Obviously, if a newspaper runs a story about you, it will help you! But how will it aid the reader, viewer, or listener? If there is a benefit to the media outlet’s following, you’ll have a better chance of making headlines.

–          Don’t limit your story to traditional media. The whole “media world” is very complex. Pitch your compelling story to reporters and editors, but tease your story on your website, include links to newsworthy press releases on social network sites, and highlight your story in your e-newsletters and blogs.

Make your story a good one – then shout it out!

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