There actually is an “I” in team

How much do you rely on your vendors to help you get your job done? A little bit? A lot? All the time? I’m all about teamwork, but recently I came across a reseller who was solely relying on his vendors to do his job! He would ask for product point of purchase displays, sales training materials, ideas for e-newsletters, and even had the nerve to ask the vendor to write his next issue! Teamwork is critical, but you must be the “I” in team. It is your job to utilize some of your vendor resources to help provide vital information and resources to your customers, but you can’t expect your vendors to be the sole source for all the goods. I’ve seen some VARs simply sit back and assume that their vendors should do all the work – after all they’re being paid to do so, right? They wait for them to provide the value-added programs and sit back and assume they will steer the ship. The VAR is just along for the ride. To be a successful VAR today, you have to take control of your own destiny. Yes, teamwork is critical, but if it’s your idea, your dream – your business – YOU must be the one to steer the ship and find others that will support you – but not do your job. After all, if you’re going to be a leader, you must take the actions necessary to gain trust and valuable followers.

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