What does your brand say about your values?

I recently read an interesting article on Chief Marketer about what makes consumers passionate about certain brands – called the passion brands. Instead of tightening the vision of the brand and targeting specific demographics, the article suggested that brand managers and marketers should think more globally about their brands — how the brands identify with certain values about the world. By aligning your brand with a particular value or vision, you are saying to your customers, “I believe in this particular global issue, and our core values reflect that.” It’s almost like creating a partnership with a “shared world value.” It actually sounds philanthropic in a way. Just think. Perhaps there is a world view that you support: for example, fighting world hunger. How could you tie your brand and what it stands for into this global vision? Instead of drawing upon leads and customers whom you think “need” your brand, you’ll attract those who have the same core values as your brand instead. It’s much easier to align yourself and work with people who share your visions and core values, instead of just those who only need your product. Loyalty evolves from the shared vision, not the need.

Check out Dan’s Brand 2.0 site for a practical example and use his example to craft your own. 50% of the proceeds of his electronic magazine go to the American Cancer Society.

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