If you lose perspective of what’s around you, you lose, period

I don’t know who Joshua Bell is. Mostly likely, you don’t either. And neither did the thousands of commuters and passersby who barely took notice of him as he played his violin in a train station in Washington, D.C. in January 2007. A few people paused. Some felt compelled to throw a buck his way for charity, but didn’t stick around to listen to him play. The only ones who took notice of his music were kids (who actually realized that something special was going on), but they held the hands of their moms and dads who were either late to work, or day care, or some appointment. Hats off to the Washington Post and its writer Gene Weingarten, who wrote about the experience and study that the newspaper conducted that morning – how each person who passed Bell had a quick choice to make… to stop and listen or to keep going. Perhaps you’ve heard this story through an email chain letter. It has been verified by snopes.com. It’s a true story. Joshua Bell, as it turns out, is one of the most celebrated violinists in the world. The six classical pieces he played that morning were performed on his handcrafted violin, reportedly worth $3.5 million. Tickets to his sold-out performance at Boston’s Symphony Hall a few nights before averaged about $100 a seat. And people just walked by this 45-minute free concert from one of the world’s greatest violin virtuoso. What do you pass by every day because you’re in a hurry? What opportunities are you missing for your business, simply because you don’t take the time to “hear” what’s going on around you?

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