Rid yourself of what ails you

What do you dread? It could be something big or little. But whatever it is, get rid of it. Take it off your plate. Allow it to become someone else’s issue, but not yours. Getting that 100-pound monkey off your back gives tremendous relief. I’m not suggesting that everything that is challenging in your world should be dumped. Some of the hardest situations in business can prove to be the most fruitful. But you must weigh your time spent and energy exerted against the ultimate probable outcome. Are you exhausted and drained? Or are you feeling like you accomplished your task successfully and the result had positive bearing on your business? Do you have a customer or vendor in your mix that needs so much hand-holding to close one single sale, while your five other loyal customers are waiting in the wings for your time but not getting it because the high maintenance customer is sucking up your valuable time? What about your core values?  Does everything you touch on a daily basis come back to fulfill some aspect of what you believe in and why you’re in this business in the first place? Stress is a funny thing. It can ooze into your world from so many different places, many of which you probably never thought of. Prioritizing whom you do business with and why is no different than deciding which marketing initiatives to implement and why. It’s all about ROI. Everything must be measurable, even your relationships. If you can rid yourself of what ails you, what remains will probably bring you success ten-fold.

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