10 Styles in the Workplace

Something to consider as you build your teams.  10 “Passion Archetypes,” or styles of passion 

From “The Purpose Linked Organization” (McGraw-Hill, 2009)

The Builder: This is an archetype that welcomes opportunities to construct new business or build a new function on an open landscape. Builders love uncharted territory and work best with an established goal and a clean sheet of paper; they require the freedom to create their own blueprint for achieving objectives. Builders are relentlessly results-oriented drivers of the business and are often natural leaders.

The Transformer: This archetype thrives in chaos and change. Transformers identify and embrace possibilities for improvement in the business, the environment or in others. They rarely wait for change to happen, but instead seek to orchestrate change and may become bored when things remain the same.

The Processor: Quality-oriented and analytical, Processors enjoy sifting through information and data to see what it reveals. They often anticipate what course corrections are needed based on their interpretation of information, saving themselves or the organization from serious mistakes.

The Altruist: With a strong passion for doing work that benefits society or contributes to the higher good of the organization, the Altruist often acts as the company’s moral compass. Altruists will challenge the organization to make decisions that positively impact the larger world.

The Healer: This archetype takes personal responsibility for helping others navigate through their pain. Healers can be found working behind the scenes in an organization, offering advice and counsel to co-workers, as well as in traditional health-care roles. They are likely to be the first to identify dysfunction in the organization and step forward with a remedy.

The Connector: With a passion for communications, negotiation and building bridges between people and needs or between problems and solutions, the Connector is the architect of relationship. Connectors seek common ground on which issues can be resolved and individuals brought together.

The Creator: Like the Great Masters, Creators take the concepts in their minds and translate them into a form that others can appreciate. Creators focus intently on the aesthetic, and look for beauty and functionality in whatever they manifest through their work. They are the artisans of the organization.

The Teacher: These individuals are promoters of learning and avid seekers of knowledge. Teachers can be counted on to help others develop, to translate new information in ways that make it easily understandable and to share all that they know within their area of expertise.

The Discoverer: Discoverers are the explorers of the organization. They enjoy designing experiments or approaches that will help uncover a hidden truth. They are often innovators who enjoy solving challenging puzzles.

The Conceiver: Big-picture intellectual acrobats, Conceivers consistently push the edges of the envelope of thought and are likely to be the ones with the crazy idea that contributes to a breakthrough product, service, process or strategy. Because of their expansive thought patterns, they may resolve challenges while others are still grappling with understanding the question.


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