Will Google wage war on Microsoft’s operating dominance?

With the emergence of the small, convenient “netbooks,” Google has announced that it is developing a new operating system to challenge Microsoft’s dominance over computer users. I heard the story on National Public Radio recently and the news is spreading like wildfire. Approaching technology differently, as it has always done, the Google operating system will actually run through a web browser called Chrome, not the pre-loaded operating system that just about 95% of computers come with today. Team that with all of Google’s free software and add-ons that work within the browser, plus the convenience of the new netbooks, and Google may just give Microsoft a run for its money. The computer giant should at least be a little worried. After all, its channel partners may just give Google a call, hoping to partner with them to reduce the end-user costs of their products. Will it ebb the flow of Microsoft’s success? Probably not. But for about 20 years, Microsoft Windows has been the only game in town on personal computers. And in today’s world, this new option might just be the solution for consumers who simply want a computer to surf the Web or use email and social networking. So what does this mean for you? What do your channel partners have to think about this announcement? How could it affect products and services that you provide your customers – and how will that affect their customers? Certainly something to watch in the months to come for sure.

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