Word of mouth blogs?

Do recommendations in blogs have any value? It depends. Traditional word-of-mouth marketing conjures up thoughts of one friend using a product and then telling two friends how great that product is. They tell two friends, and so on and so on. But the word of mouth part involves human contact. So what happens when a recommendation or testimonial shows up in a blog? Is it reliable? Does it carry as much weight as a recommendation coming from someone who is “trusted”? It depends. It depends, of course, on who wrote the blog. In a recent study by Mintel, a market research company, Internet users were more apt to buy a product based on a recommendation from a friend and only about 5 percent would take to heart a testimonial from a blog – or blogger, unless that blogger was a friend or someone trusted. The study said that while blogs can create a “buzz” around a product or idea, and get people talking about it, it doesn’t necessarily have that persuasive factor in the customer’s buying psyche. So stay in tune with what’s creating a buzz for your products and services, but when it comes to the “closer”, more traditional word-of-mouth marketing is what may just be needed to seal the deal.


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