Get with the times

I know many of you are still struggling with the value of social media. You’re still trying to evaluate why you should engage in this new (actually, not so new anymore) type of networking. Well, here’s one thing to consider. People will think you’re hip. Yes, hip. At least that’s what someone said to me the other day. She told me that working with social media in my marketing mix would make me seem “hip” to customers versus my “age.” There is no question that Gen Y, and even younger, have a far better grasp on the powers of current and future technology than most of us — for the same reason youngsters can solve a Rubik’s cube: because they don’t overanalyze the challenge.

That said, now is the time to try new things. Technology will not stop. I first learned to type, using all ten fingers, on a typewriter; Gen Yers don’t know what that is as they type with their thumbs on a handheld. They’ve practically jumped right over the traditional computer! Don’t let the “new” stuff out there pass you by. Learn something new today that you think only 20-somethings know about. Be hip.


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