Stop resisting

There is overwhelming evidence – both concrete and anecdotal – that social media will be, and in many cases already is, a significant force in our lives and in our day to day business. But still, the naysayers say it’s just a fad. They claim there is no proven ROI for social media, and little or no B2B case studies or successes stories. Therefore, the naysayers believe they can resist and wait a little longer before becoming a part of the social media scene. Well, the reality is there are GREAT cases studies and social media does work! Successful, market-savvy companies Like Cisco, Microsoft, and HP have figured this out! Social media isn’t an isolated tactic – it’s the “integrated” component that is a major element. Here’s just one example:

HP launches the Netbook 1000. In many cases,l we would see a manufacturer develop a landing page, collateral, ads, etc.  HP did all of these things – but they also did this:
1) They identified the key bloggers where customers go to get information.
2) They got the units to these bloggers (probably pre-launch).
3) They built a fantastic splash page with all the bells and whistles you would expect.

4) AND instead of self-subscribed words on how fabulous the product was – they had links to three well-known and respected blogging sites – where the BLOGGERS talked about how fantastic the product is! 

What do you naysayers have to say about that?!!


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