Brilliant Sky

I recently visited a brilliant toy store – Brilliant Sky. In these tough economic times, and with people trying to save by conservative shopping at big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy, starting a specialty store poses financial risk, right? Well, Brilliant Sky is soaring simply because they know their market. They are family-owned and have invested extra care in the building itself – high ceilings, non-toxic paint, children’s designs on the walls, and tons of  for-real play stations (not to be confused with PlayStation) for the kids themselves. Brilliant Sky offers unique toys along with the traditional ones – and they’re not cheap either. Big puppets, environmentally designed recycled toys, cube ecosystems. And they tie their store into the community with book readings by local authors, free gift-wrapping, loyalty programs, and the like. Basically, they believe work should be fun. After all, it’s a toy store, right?! They are fighting back at the big box stores and simply giving customers what they really want. Brilliant.


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