Fear to Try Social Media

Here’s a great article on the Fear or rationalization people utilize when they don’t want to try social media.  And a great reminder on why you should overcome your fear.

Here are other Fears:

1) I don’t understand social media.  Suggestion:  Hire a college or high school student to help manage the social media tools.  Fear:  I don’t want to turn my brand over to them.  Comment: This is just like hiring another employee – you aren’t turning your brand over to them – you are hiring them for a unique talent.

2) I don’t have Time to get into social media. Fear: listening to and participating in the social media world requires so much time.  How do I keep up with everything and run my business.   Suggestion:  Utilize tools such as Google Reader and Google Alerts to help manage listening.  Incorporate social media elements into your marketing mix to leverage this important tool. 

This is about managing the transition.  We are still moving into the “Information Age” – more change and new tools will emerge.   David Meerman Scott highlights how Obama’s team leveraged social media to win!  This is a great reminder on why you should overcome your fear and embrace social media before your competitors!  Stop being afraid.


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