Tactics versus plans

Which one do you work with the most? Do you send out a postcard here and there? Maybe an e-newsletter sporadically? Then you’re working off of a list of tactics. Or are you a planner? Do you sit down monthly or quarterly and come up with a strategy for the next business window, determine who you want to reach and how you’re going to do it?

The trick here is that tactics don’t work without planning. And a plan won’t be successful without tactics. It’s that simple. You absolutely need to build tactics into your marketing mix like postcards, e-newsletters, website campaigns, and social media updates. However, randomly sending these out to your customers and leads simply isn’t as effective as having a plan that is executed over time. It is more powerful to have an integrated approach to reinforce your message for specific target audiences. A postcard may direct a particular market segment to a special section of your website, where the same message is reinforced. Somewhere between 75 and 95 percent of you claim you don’t have the marketing resources that you need. If that’s the case, a carefully thought-out plan is going to offer you much more value than one email or postcard.


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