Picking your team

As the economy finally appears to be taking a slow but sure turn for the better, how are you going to pick your team? Whether it’s choosing your channel partners or employees – or even your customers – you are going to have a very big pool to choose from.

Remember, when you were growing up, how the gym teacher would pick two kids and then those two kids had to pick their teams for scrimmage? Being picked first meant you were the best and being picked last, well, clearly meant you weren’t. What a painful process that was. You never really knew if it was simply a popularity contest or whether someone was being picked on sheer skill alone.  Sometimes it was a combination of both.

On paper, many will look good. Some even great. The problem is, there will be many B and C players who are eager – perhaps desperate – to be employed. Some will do anything to sell themselves to you. How are you going to determine which B players could be A players or whether a C player should even be considered? How will you engage with these folks in order to build your best team? You haven’t seen them play before – you really don’t know if they’re good or not.

And popularity isn’t everything. Just because Joe comes highly recommended by friends doesn’t mean he’s worth recommending. As the competition to lock in the best employees returns, how are you going to find the best of the best before another company does? It’s time to start thinking about your recession exit plan and begin to rebuild your team. Are you ready?

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