Can you really change?

A colleague of mine forwarded me an email newsletter the other day where the subject line read, “Change or Die.” Well, at first I didn’t know it was an email newsletter so I thought to myself, what the heck do I have to change and why? But the information really made me think. If someone asked me to change today – really change something 100 percent – could I do it? Like the old saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” this newsletter’s ideas suggested that in today’s tumultuous world, where the economy can change from Monday to Wednesday and then again on Friday, where you may set your sights on Monday may be a different animal pretty quickly – and you need to be able to change your ideas and tactics accordingly. But could you really do it? When there absolutely needed to be change otherwise the ultimate of outcomes would occur, could you change? Most would say yes. But author Alan Deutschman says not so fast. According to his article in Fast Company magazine, scientifically studied odds say that, nine to one, you won’t change. Because fear doesn’t necessarily make you want to change. Joy might. In his book, Change or Die, he suggests three critical things are necessary to truly have change — relate, repeat, and reframe. If you’re going to change something about your business, your goals, your life, Deutschman suggests these are integral in making that change. What about changing the way your customers think? The way vendors do business with you? I bet they apply as well. Are you ready to change? What’s the alternative these days?


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